'Elements' is a series surrounding six individuals and their craft - which involve the use of natural elements around us. You can watch the full film above that combines all six stories or each individual film below. Enjoy!

A film by Andrew Gooi.
Produced by Michelle Jacoby & Mark Lipczynski.


From forest to table, this is how Mother Nature offers flavors across the board. Watch the film here.


It's more than just making ice, it's about the craft's purity. Watch the film here.


Chef Akos Szabo shares how his menu completely revolves around fire. Watch the film here.


Brewer Julie Meeker shares the beauty of water in brewing. Watch the film here.


The essence & atmosphere of a camping meal is captured. Watch the film here.


Understanding the importance of bees, beekeeper Derrick Shields takes on the responsibilities of sustaining these amazing creatures. Watch the film here.